The Importance Of Being Earnest By Oscar Wilde

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The Importance of Being Earnest was one of the best comedy manner plays I have read thus far. The play was written by Oscar Wilde, which happened to be the best masterpiece he has ever written out of all four of his stage comedies. The Importance of Being Earnest was first published in 1899. This play was a self-parody and unreliably explanation on the dramatic farce genre for Wilde. This play is a comedy of manner during the Victorian Age. The Victorian Age was a period of peace and sensibility. The Importance of Being Earnest was an early trial in Victorian melodrama. This play was particularly known as a satire with a touch of sentimental comedy. This play was known for its worldly deliberately farce. The Victorian society dealt with …show more content…

Predominantly an earnest person. Their goal throughout this comedy was to live a life earnestly. During the 19th century, many people in the British society increasingly became deceitful in the lifestyle and they wanted to compete with earnestness. I felt that because many of the British were trying to settle and compromise, they were portrayed to be selfish, bitter, and deceitful liars. Overall, this was one of the biggest controversies that affect the Victorian Age. In the comedy, the two characters Jack Worthing and Algernon are showing the value of earnestness and were obsessed with the name. Jack Worthing was the reason for the confusion and misunderstanding between the names. Jack stayed in the country and in the city he would use the name Ernest. When I first read the play, I wondered why the name of the play was “Earnest”, instead of “Ernest”. After reading and researching, the name Ernest meant a lot to the Victorian society. Jack knew that many women in the modern Victorian age were obsessed over any man by the name Ernest because of what it stood for; honorable, loyal, trustworthy, and sincere of feelings. Jack was even considering getting re-baptized with the name Ernest. Needless to say, Jack played the character of a double-life. He was known for Jack in the country and Ernest in the city. Researchers claim that the British society didn’t allow one to live a double life. It was simply permitted. Additionally, Jack

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