The Importance Of Being Vaccination

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John Caldwell
Erik Bean
July 16, 2017

The Importance of Being Vaccinated

It is human nature to want to understand the risks of vaccinations, especially when the benefits of that vaccine are invisible. It will never be known how many times people might be exposed to a vaccine-preventable disease, and how it could affect the immune system. There is sufficient data to help adults, and parents, weigh out the pros and cons of getting vaccinated. The benefits of preventing a disease with a vaccination can far outweigh the risks of not getting get. There are skeptics out there that believe vaccinating your child could give them neurodevelopmental issues, such as Autism. There is no scientific proof to back up this theory. Getting …show more content…

Vaccines are one of the safest, convenient and most preventive care measures that is available. Getting vaccinated can mean the difference between life and death. Vaccine preventable diseases can be very dangerous. Every year, there is approximately 50,000 United States adults who die from vaccine preventable diseases (McLaughlin, p265). Vaccines will not give you the disease that it is designed to prevent. Some vaccines contain the killed virus, and it impossible to catch a disease from that. Other vaccines contain live, but weakened viruses that are designed to ensure that a person cannot catch the disease. There is very strong data from many different medical investigators that all point to the safety of the vaccines (Williams, p3176). There is proof that vaccines are among one of the safest products in all medicines used. When one person gets sick, children, grandchildren and parents are at a higher risk. A vaccine-preventable disease that could make a person sick for perhaps a week or two, but could prove to be deadly for a person’s children, grandchildren and parents if it is to spread to them. When a person gets vaccinated, they are not only protecting themselves, but also their children and community. An example is that adults are the most common source of whooping cough infection in infants, which can be extremely deadly to infants. In 2010, there was at least 25 cases in the United States of infants who

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