The Importance Of Bill Of Rights In Australia

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A Bill of Rights would educate Australians about human rights, in turn promoting a culture of tolerance, understanding and respect for human rights (State Library of NSW 2005, p.9). Kirby (1995, p. 281) asserts there is a distinct lack of awareness amongst school children about human rights; therefore a Bill of Rights will educate citizens about the fundamentals of the rights of an Australian, in turn contributing to the national identity. A Bill of Rights would encourage and foster “the growth of Australian culture of rights protection” (Williams 2001, p. 791). McGarrity (2009, p. 14) argues that human rights discourses have become the province of academics and politicians, so educating the public will allow the Australian community, with its diverse, multicultural…show more content…
There have been numerous documented instances of the previously discussed minority groups such as Aboriginal people and refugees having problems with, or having been unfairly treated when dealing with government departments and agencies when attempting to access services such as welfare, mental health, disability, and legal, preventing them from enjoying their rights (Carrick 2010, p. 84). Therefore, there is also an argument that a human rights cultural shift and associated educational process will also extend to government departments and agencies that provide such services, by enshrining human rights in their customer charters.
A human rights impact statement will also be fostered in the executive branch of government requiring any proposed new legislation to outline any impact or bearing on human rights (Barry & Campbell 2011, p. 80). Barry & Campbell (2011, p. 81) state the “quality of legislation passed by Parliament, promote a stronger human rights culture within the executive branch, bring to light human rights abuses affecting minority groups, and create greater public awareness of human rights
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