The Importance Of Birthdays In American Culture

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In American culture, birthdays are an important event and celebrated in many ways. Birthdays are more than just singing “Happy Birthday”. Celebrating one's birthday whether it be a first birthday, a thirteenth birthday, a sixteenth birthday, a twenty first birthday or an fiftieth birthday are all often substantial and considered to be an accomplishment. Birthdays may just be any other day in any other culture but, the American culture does more to celebrate one's day of birth and often celebrates them by going over the top. A birthday, commonly known as an occasion, is a celebration of the day of which a person was born. The definition may seem simple but, Americans make a an ordinary day something extraordinary. A first birthday in …show more content…

Years with more responsibility and something every kid looks forward too. For some reason being a teenager is so much cooler than being an eleven or twelve year old. Celebrations often include friends and more expensive parties that symbolize growing up. I'm talking about sleeping over a friends house for a night to eat a whole bunch of junk food, watch scary movies and stay up super late. Weird, right?
Although the celebration of a thirteenth birthday are comparable to those of previous years, once a person turns sixteen, it's like a whole new world. In the American culture a sixteenth birthday is where a teenager starts to transition into an adult. Most of the time girls celebrate the beginning of becoming a woman with a huge party called a “Sweet 16”. A sweet 16 is thrown to show how beautiful of a girl she has become and what an amazing woman she will become. This event can either be formal or in formal but normally consist of bright colored, long, puffy dresses that help the girl stand out from her guests. The number of guests normally range from 70 to 200. But, I could only imagine how expensive this actually is. Paying for, what sounds like an expensive dress, to paying for a venue, to paying to feed guests and even decorations to go along with a possible theme can most definitely add up and seems to be just way over the top for a birthday party. Although gifts are given and often

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