The Importance Of Body Cameras

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I believe that Police Officers should always be required to wear Body Cameras. The reason i believe that Police should wear Body cameras is because for months and months on end there have been multiple case's of Police killing innocent civilians for unnecessary following the shooting death of unarmed black teenager in Ferguson,Missouri, in August 24 2014. The grand jury's decision was to not indict the officer of the shooting of the unarmed black teenager. Because of that happening the people began to riot in the streets because the police officer was not charged with anything after he had murdered a unarmed black teenager so in order for these riot's to be stopped community leaders suggested Police Officers should always have body camera's on them while they are doing their daily duties just in case another conflict happens between the officer and another person. Our former president of the united states was also informed that this situation was occurring through out different states so had funded a lot of money into help state's and local police departments so they would be able to purchase these body cameras and for new police training just to improve the police community.

After awhile of the police wearing body camera's new policy's had to applied one questions they had to ask was should the police be able to view the footage before they write incident reports. I believe that if the situation was more complicated and more complex to be figured out then they shouldn't

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