The Importance Of Bureaucracy

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Holzer and Schwester (2016) defines bureaucracy as the structure within which virtually all government organizations operate (29). The purpose of the bureau is to ensure that goods and services can be produced or provided in the most efficient manner possible. Bureaucrats are responsible for implement policies established by congressional acts or presidential decisions (American Politics Today). Bureau engages in a variety of activities which ranges from regulating individual and corporations to buying everything the government needs (American Politics Today).

Responsiveness can be defined as the quality of reacting quickly and positively. Bureaucracy responsiveness can be defined as how quickly and effectively can the bureau reacts/responds to events that is occurring within the public sector. Bureaucracy responsiveness is extremely important now because the bureaucratic organizations and senior civil servants more than ever are directly exposed to public pressures in the form of media coverage, public protests etc. (Barkat & Gilad 2015). It is essential for the bureau to be attentive to public pressures due to the high levels of political control to preempt intervention by politicians who are reliant on public support (Barkat & Gilad 2015). Good listening and deductive reasoning are extremely important. Responsiveness ranges from the ability to accurate comprehend the events taking place. It also includes the ability to analyze and differentiate the important issues from

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