The Importance Of Capitalism In Democracy

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The conflicting ideas about how to operate in a democracy stem from the notions of serving the public good or indulging self-interest; these two ideas focus on the maximalist and minimalist citizen, respectively. John Mueller argues in “Democracy and Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery” that a government of the people works best when it happens naturally and celebrates political inequality, going so far as to say that “any dimwit can do it” (Mueller, 990). The minimalist model strives to include everyone who wishes to participate, but it can also function autonomously without any citizen participation. It’s rooted in self-interest and what each individual wants to get out of their democratic rights; the citizens have the right to vote, but also the right to not vote. On the other hand, the maximalist point of view, outlined in “Why Democracy Is Public” by George Lakoff, says the concept of morality should play a significant role in a democratic government as it teaches Americans to “care about our fellow citizens, … act on that care and build trust, and … do our best not just for ourselves, our families, and our friends and neighbors, but for our country” (Lakoff, 1). No one is exempt from working for the greater good, and the hope is that everyone benefits from the shared resources. In that case, the country thrives on the participation of all people in self governance. Whether the US operates under the minimalist or the maximalist model greatly affects critical issues such as

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