The Importance Of Caring : Caring For Patient, Families, And The Healthcare Environment

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Caring is a term that can be tossed around freely amongst those in the nursing practice. However, in order for one to have a true understanding of what compassion is they first have to exam what the definition of caring is. Caring is defined as “Displaying kindness and concern for others; the work or practice of looking after those unable to care for themselves (Google, 2016)”. However, is caring necessarily a quality in which all nurses must possess in order to provide care to patient, families, and the healthcare environment? Jean Watson, RN, Ph.D. took on this challenge and explored the relationship between the nurse and others with the outlook of caring for rather than curing for the patient. Watson utilized the transpersonal caring theory to set a standard of nursing practice of how incorporating caring moments, relationships, and carative factors can improve the nurse client and/or family relationship
Jean Watson, (as cited by Alligood, 2014) defines theory as “an imaginative grouping of knowledge, ideas, and experience that are represented symbolically and seek to illuminate a given phenomenon” (Alligood p. 81). Watson’s transpersonal caring theory explores all aspects of caring when it relates to the healthcare system. She gained both strength and knowledge from Carl Rodgers who put more emphasis on caring rather than curing an individual. Watson explained (as cited by Alligood, 2014) the transpersonal concept is an intersubjective individual to individual

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