The Importance Of Censorship Content On The Internet

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With the rise of the Internet, it has given everyone opportunities to stay better connected in the world today and to be entertained. This has led to the creation of sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Google, and so many more. A lot of big companies have implemented the internet, making them more successful and giving them a wider reach for business. With all this freedom, however, this leads to inappropriate content being on the internet as well. There is an abundance of violent and sexual content on the internet just like with older media, like movies and music. The difference is that this unsuitable content is more accessible than before the invention of the internet. This has caused discussion about whether or not the internet should be censored, and if so, to what extent. While it is understandable why people do not want inappropriate content around them in a more accessible way, allowing the bad content lets the good content be just as accessible as well. The Internet should not be censored for violent and sexual content because this silences voices that have the right to be heard and slows creativity and originality in art and entertainment. Additionally, silencing freedom of speech takes voices away from the people and gives it to the richest and powerful.
Censoring the Internet would be taking away freedom of speech for the average internet user. The largest internet censorship system is in China, which censors anything harmless to the Chinese Communist

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