The Importance Of Censorship In Fahrenheit 451

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Our world has been plagued by censorship ever since people have lived on it. Over time, it has developed and became a horrible obstacle to the human race. This book foreshadows what could possibly happen if the censoring were to continue. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a sadly realistic story in which books are illegal to be read and burned for the purpose of censoring controversial topics. Nobody in their society is able to read, and as a result, they don’t resemble an extremely high level of intelligence as compared to the levels in the USA nowadays. Increased censorship leads to lack of knowledge; In addition, knowledge is required for survival.
Those who posses great knowledge are often the ones blocked off from society. This happens because the truly intelligent ones know about things that the others do not want to hear. Granger is a runaway with a burning passion for books. He travels with his friends he found through the same forbidden interest in literature, keeping the knowledge to themselves until the world truly needs to hear it. Granger then introduces his friends “Fred Clement, former occupant of the Thomas Hardy years before it became an Atomic Engineering school… Dr. Simmons from U.C.L.A.”, and others with intelligent status. Granger and his fellow book-enthusiasts are all not only outcasts, but criminals on the run, all due to their knowledge of what may offend others. They left their homes in an effort to censor themselves, as they knew they would put

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