The Importance Of Christianity In The Roman Empire

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Beginning 753 BC, the Romans were a polytheistic empire and placed a large importance on religion. Roman religion was centered on the worship of multiple gods, and the belief that the gods influenced nearly every aspect of life. Christianity, the belief in one God, was therefore not allowed within the Roman empire. In addition to being a monotheistic religion, some Christian rituals were often mistaken as cannibalism or incest. Nero, the emperor of Rome in 64 AD, further intensified the hostility towards Christianity. After a widespread fire in the Imperial city, Nero, looking for someone to blame, placed the blame on the Christians. Following this, many Christians in Rome were subject to death. These aspects as well as the violation to the gods made Christianity unacceptable and targeted in Rome. However, despite all of the opposition, Christianity eventually became the main religion of the empire. The establishment of Christianity in the Roman Empire can be accredited to Constantine I, who converted many Romans after the Battle of Milvian Bridge, which led to the enactment of the Edict of Milan, and to Emperor Theodosius, who later made Christianity the official religion of Rome.
Constantine I, son of Emperor Constantius, arose to occupy the imperial throne short after his father’s burial. Quickly being accustomed to the interests of his paternal inheritance. Being convinced, however, that he needed some more powerful aid than his military forces could afford him, on the

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