The Importance Of College Writing

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My first undergraduate level college writing class provided me with a great deal of knowledge not only about the multi-dimensional writer the class formed me into but also about the writer who I used to be through the various diverse assignments we completed this semester. My first essay of the semester was a personal essay about my experiences on a given day. At first, I found my first assignment somewhat challenging due to the struggle surrounding the goal of not sounding like I was just listing of my day. My goal was to be as descriptive as possible and persuade my audience into feeling like they went through my day with me rather than reading about it. Looking back onto the progression of our essays I now understand why the Personal Essay was our first. As writers we needed the basic tools of being able to write with descriptive power, active voice and structural correctness in order to excel in the next essays to follow. The first essay contributes to my future as well by engaging the importance of an active voice in writing which in turn provides a confidence for the author that will reflect in future works. The second essay over the course of the semester was the compare and contrast essay. The compare and contrast essay consist of closely examining the similarities and differences between two related podcasts and forming a clear thesis statement. This essay created a complex task for the writer in terms of organizational skills and ability to form a thesis based upon

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