The Importance Of Courageous Characters In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Do You Have What It Takes? There are many courageous characters that deserve recognition in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird. Each character from the book develops in different ways throughout the story, showing their potential to become a mockingbird figure. In To Kill A Mockingbird the mockingbird figure is described as someone or something who is innocent and harmless, and is only used for good intentions. This symbol is for a character who always looks out for others and is honest. In the book, the mockingbirds are Dill, Mayella, Mr. Raymond, Jem, Tom, and Boo. Dill is one of the main characters in the novel, and represents a mockingbird in a variety of ways. Lee writes, “Dill concluded by saying he would love forever, he would come love me forever and not to worry, he would come get me and marry me as soon as he got enough money together” (Lee 154). In this example, Dill proclaims his love for Scout. Dill really likes being around Scout and Jem, and wouldn’t be the same character without them. He always looks out for the Finch family, and this is why he accurately represents a mockingbird. Many people find Mayella to be an antagonist, although her true colors show otherwise. Her accusation of Tom Robinson raping her was only because of her forceful father. She could be a mockingbird because of how she was actually innocent and was only doing bad things because of her father. She never had the chance to figure out her life for herself, she was innocent in the sense
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