The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In The Classroom

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As I read all the literature and watched the videos that were provided to us, I kept thinking about how diverse our nation is. The United States is the most culturally diverse nation, and that is what makes it such a great country. Unfortunately, having such great amounts of diversity can bring forward many problems for health educators who are not well prepared to teach individuals of different cultures and customs. Cultural competence can be defined as the ability to be responsive and effective with students of all cultures. Having cultural competency is what allows a teacher to successfully serve a culturally diverse classroom. Many teachers lack the cultural awareness that will allow them to successfully teach, and have trusting and respectful relationships with students of all cultures. In order for students to succeed in the classroom and in school they must have a sense of connectedness or a sense of belonging with the classroom environment, teachers and other students. Students must feel that they are part of the classroom, that they are accepted, respected and that we genuinely care for their learning and care for them as individuals. The more I think about it; in order to gain a sense of connectedness with anyone I must be genuine, meaning that I must be myself and not pretend to be something I am not. There must also be trust, respect and acceptance of cultural differences. This acceptance and respect of cultural differences is an important and crucial

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