The Importance Of Cursive Writing

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Ordinarily, when thinking of writing what comes to mind first? Would pen and paper come to mind or the text on the web page just visited? Would dyslexia, fine motor skills or even building confidence thru cursive come to mind? Cursive writing is important for many people because it can help in everyday life. Having the world rely on technology now with cell phones, tablets, and apps that can turn words into text for anyone, teaching cursive writing has taken a back seat to technology. Countless people and schools believe that cursive writing is losing reasons to teach to students. Although, countless people believe there is not a necessity for cursive anymore; cursive writing is significant throughout several factors of life. Since cursive writing helps children with dyslexia tell the difference between letters, being able to read and write cursive helps to build confidence, and helps to further develop fine motor skills. Cursive writing can help children with dyslexia in several ways. One way being that it is easier for them to distinguish between more easily confused letters such as lowercase “b” and “d”. This is because the loop for the letter “b” is on the top line while the loop or belly for the letter “d” is on the bottom. Cursive writing is one of the best ways to work the brain muscles. Naturally, the brain of children with dyslexia cannot tell the difference between the letters “b” and “d”. While working with children with dyslexia at an early age Marilyn Zecher,

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