The Importance Of Dance In My Life

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When I was 9 years old, I never imagined dance would change my life the way it did. While I was growing up I was secluded. I did everything I could to keep to myself. Going to school was difficult for me. I wasn't very popular in school, but I didn't mind that. As a child, I felt out of place and I strived to have the feeling of being noticed. At home, my life was unfortunately no different. My life began to feel as though I was a record on repeat and I had no way of stopping it. I needed to put myself out there, but I wasn't ready. Until I made the decision to take dance lessons at a local company. The beauty of dance always caught my eye. The way the dancers gracefully leaped across the stage mesmerized me. We got on the phone with the Studio and signed me up for the earliest I could come. Within that week, my life slowly began to change and I went with my gut. The next day, my mom and I stood outside the studio door for what felt like an eternity. “Don’t be afraid, go in” I faintly heard my mom say. I walked in and all eyes were on me as I entered. I felt my stomach drop and my heart thumped in my throat. The studio was massive compared to me. Everything was intimidating, but I felt at home there. The beats of the base mixed smoothly with the muffled voices of teachers from other rooms. Over time, the rest of the class slowly trickled in. We were lead into a small room brightly lined with purple walls and fluffy chairs. It was every girl's dream. The teacher lined

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