The Importance Of Dictatorship In Schools

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Dictatorships and absolutist monarchies have used the same techniques of censorship to prevent their citizens from reaching information for centuries (Christiansen). Today, student administrators similarly prevent students from reading information, but instead of using censorship to hold their power, schools use this technique to maintain students’ innocence and create a wholesome, educational environment. School administrations have the power to ban books from school libraries or require students to have a signed permission form to read a book. Many parents and administrators feel as though this is an acceptable use of power because of the school’s duty to provide students with a safe and appropriate educational environment (McLaughlin). However, librarians, students, and proponents of free speech alike all believe that this censorship is a misuse of power in numerous ways. Advocacy for or against student rights is a debate that has raged for decades within school libraries, journalism classrooms, and English classes and has ultimately split into two belief systems: censorship is an acceptable part of schools, or schools must provide all available information to students. From a moral and practical standpoint, schools have an obligation to make books available because of the violation of student rights, the offensiveness of the challenges, and the dangers of limiting student learning. A principal concern for students is the infringement of their constitutional and basic

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