The Importance Of Digital Media And E-Learning And Science

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Digital Media and e-Learning and Science Digital media have revolutionized both e-Learning and Scientific research to better mankind; however, is it as credible as learning in class or conducting research in a laboratory? Regarding learning and academic improvements, e-Learning has been instrumental towards providing the much needed education for working people. Utilizing graphics, text, and video technology allow learning to take place anywhere an internet connection is available. In fact, nearly 6 million students enrolled in online e-Learning in 2014, which is up almost 4 percent from the previous year (Friedman, 2016). Strained economic times have forced American and Canadian families into dual income providers; therefore, traditional schooling is not an option for the majority of these hard working individuals. Furthermore, scientific research has also benefited greatly from the digital media era modern society is in. Scientists in the most remote locations can film a remarkable high definition video of the environment and its surroundings. Portable analysis will also allow a scientist to perform many tests that were once only possible in a laboratory with bulky, expensive equipment, which caused numerous delays to process the data and findings.
High Cost of Living Higher education beyond primary school is a key indicator of how advanced a society can become. In fact, Berger and Fisher (2013) stated, “Overwhelmingly, high-wage states are states with a well-educated

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