The Importance Of Documentary Photography

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Documentary photography played a critical role in the transfer of power in the United States. Documentary photography allowed someone like Gordon Parks to document what is happening and use the pictures to bring change. These photos helped show Americans what other people’s lives were like. It gave city dwellers a sort of connection to those who lived in rural America and the struggles they were facing. The thought process was that these photos could get Americans and those in Congress to take action and make a change. This documentary gave me insight on how important documentary photography was in exposing the truth and bringing change.

I would say my values on documentary photography and social justice are very similar to Gordon Parks’ values. Parks understood the power that documentary photography had and the influence that it could have in areas such as politics. Gordon Parks knew people were suffering and wanted to get them the help that they desperately needed. He was in a position to bring attention to certain issues and try to get Congress to help out these farmers. This is what I would do if I was in Parks’ shoes. I’m all about helping the little man and that’s what Parks did. He was helping people that were in a place where they couldn’t get aid from Congress. I believe documentary photography can be very powerful in bringing change if done right. People have an easier time understanding the severity of a situation if they can see it with their own eyes. This is

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