The Importance Of Dreams In Of Mice And Men

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Without dreams, is there really a purpose to life? Dreams set high standard for everyone making anyone want to thrive for success. Even though dreams can lead to great things and a bright future, people often go to the extreme to achieve them. In of mice and men dreams play a big role in the characters lives. The importance of dreams become a theme throughout the book. Lennie wouldn't of had a source of comfort without having a dream he would like to reach. George would never have a goal to work for, nor would he of had a break from his life he often gets bored with. Candy becomes an important character when he shows interest in being part of the american dream. Lennie's dream of one day owning a farm and caring for rabbits with George is…show more content…
Candy expresses an interest toward Lennie and George's life goal. “We was always gunna do it by ourselves.’ candy interrupted him ‘i'd make a will and leave my share to you guys in case i kick off,’cause I ain't got no relatives or nothing…’”(Steinbeck 59). Candy tells George he would help financially with buying land. When candy offers to help make their dream come true, he becomes very important to Lennie and George. Without candy, their dream would have been out of reach until they collected enough money. Once more characters want to be a part of the dream, there is more importance behind it. With the dream being a major aspect in the novel, it plays a big role in each of the characters lives. John Steinbeck shows the meaning behind having a goal in life. The dream did not only help Lennie and George separately, but it brought them closer together. The friendship they share progressed as the their dream started to become a reality. By reading this novel, a reader can learn the importance of having a dream. The novel shows the role a long term goal can play in a relationship, without it Lennie and George wouldn't have progressed the way it
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