The Importance Of Drug Testing In High School Sports

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As a kid you want everything to be even and fair, the same hope that everything is fair continues into sports and goes through the highest levels. Drug testing in high school sports should be mandatory from all sports and athletes across the country. At the highest college and professional sports levels there are mandatory drugs test taken by every individual player before the season is started. High school athletes are able to get away with using drugs during their sports season because there is no mandatory drug test that is taken. The drug test is a necessity to keep everything even and fair throughout the season of high school sports. Students may take PED’s because they see athletes at the highest level of competitions using them and succeeding to a high extent. High school sports should be fair all across the board and students that use drug make it not fair, mandatory drug test would help with the amount of drug used in high school sports.
In October of 1900 the first record and documents high school sports game was played, it was a football game between Wall School of Honey Grove and St. Matthew's Grammar School of Dallas with St. Matthew's winning 5-0(NFHS). Some high schools are known for their high achieving academics, their talented arts programs or their astonishing athletic teams. Throughout the country drugs are used in every school and used by the athletes that take the playing field or court to represent their schools. The main type of drugs used or taken

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