The Importance Of EM-3 Lens In Movies

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I loved the EM-5, but it couldn't provide the simplest of tracking ability. It took great pictures; they're sharp and detailed but failed miserably at anything moving faster than a leisurely walk. I contacted KEH and told them of my woes and they issued an RMA for the return. At that point, I put the EM1 and the matching battery grip on hold. This started when I initiated a discussion with Ingrid Taylar, another M43 shooter that happened to spend time in the Seattle area while we lived there. She and Robin Wong had the most compelling wildlife pictures on their website that I've seen from M43 and they both used an older 4/3 lens, the 50-200 F2.8-3.5 SWD. We shared stories of life in Burien, pictures, and info about our respective camera …show more content…

But this isn't just your run of the mill 50-200mm lens, no, this is the SWD version, a $1200 lens! It's still being produced and available at Amazon, even used these things run $500-$700! I don't know that she knew this when she gave it away... I teetered whether to tell her what a mistake she was making or deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth... So far I've gone with the latter and I do feel a little guilty. The lens is a beasty; it's fast and the math is the math, if it's fast, it's big, This one is in the ballpark of an older 80-200 F2.8 which defies all that is good about M43, after all, the M stands for Micro. Am I complaining? Not so much. On the Panasonic G2, it works but it's abysmal, it did gave me enough info to know that it's a beautiful lens. Will it fit in the grand scheme? I still don't know... In the end, it's all about the picture and I've made no bones about using older/used equipment if for nothing else because it was cheap. As I said earlier, there are some gorgeous SWD lenses from Olympus and I wouldn't mind the 150mm F2 or the 300m F2.8 but... They're as expensive as the CaNikon versions. That's why I don't know, the 300mm F4 is 1/3 the price and native to M43, while F2.8 is, well,

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