The Importance Of Education In Education

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Education In rural communities, the amount of quality education that children receive is mediocre at best compared to those in urban areas. There are less school activities available, higher dropout rates, and projected higher delinquency rates in rural areas.
Lack of qualified teachers. The low quality of education could be influenced by lack of qualified teachers, "rural districts often struggle to find even one qualified teacher per subject" (Fishman, 2015). One of the issues that come with living in a rural area is that no one wants to remain there since individual development or progress is attached to the idea of migrating to an urban area. This, therefore, creates a brain drain; which means the people who are qualified to be in …show more content…

In fact, in 2010-11, 57 percent of the operating regular school districts were located in rural areas, while 20 percent of districts were located in suburban areas, 18 percent in towns, and 5 percent in cities meaning that children in rural areas make up a large part of the education system and yet they receive a worse education than their better off counterparts ("The Status of Rural Education", 2013). This links to the conflict perspective because government funding is going towards communities and schools that don't necessarily need it compared to schools in rural areas.
Food or Nutrition
Food insecurity is widespread in rural areas, which means children in rural areas have poor access to food. Unemployment or underemployment of an adult is the key predictor of food insecurity, which is higher in rural areas .
Food Deserts.
Food deserts are common in rural areas, meaning the number of grocery stores, markets, and fresh food providers are dwindling down and creating a greater distance between them and urban areas. This leads to children being fed with fast food such as McDonalds and Wendy’s which are not nutritionally valuable foods however, when the nearest grocery store is 15 miles further than a fast food restaurant parents often go with the quicker option rather than the healthier one. From 2007-11 The USDA Food Environment

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