The Importance Of Electronic Communication

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Just buying your groceries, you can see dozens of people texting, emailing, or using social media, we live in a world where this consider commonplace and natural.Cellphone have taken over the planet to the degree that of the 7.5 billion people on the planet roughly 6 billion have cellphones, while only 4.5 have access to working toilets (ASAPScience, 2016). While you yourself probably text and social network multiple times throughout the day, have you ever consider trying to live a month without it. Per day, U.S. teens spend about 7.5 hours using their phones, computers, and other devices, a number has likely increased (Learning to Talk, 2). Technology has replaced many tasks and electronic communication is now replacing human connection. The increasing use of electronics to communicate is eroding real human connection and depriving people of necessary social skills and damaging our health. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but if so, real experience must be worth a billion. However, shockingly,”... a third of cell phone users prefer sending text messages to talking” (Learning to Talk, 2). Growing up, we learn how to act and speak from our family. We do not start out knowing how to talk, and our family members teach us how to argue, persuade, joke, insult, lie,and be sarcastic; but while you learn a lot from your parents, even more social progress comes from watching the way your friends talk and behave. If your preferred line of communication becomes typed-out

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