The Importance Of Employee Relationship Management?

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In the hospitality industry it is important to understand and be aware of cultural differences within the work place. This paper will discuss the importance of employee relationship management by reviewing relevant literature and will highlight certain areas such as communications and leadership styles. This will help determine the best strategies to decrease the amount of turnovers in employment as well as retaining workers in a hospitality organisation.
Employee relationship management is a term that covers a broad range of topics on the behaviour and interaction in the work place. This can span from relationships with workers to attract and retain employees. Common measure of this employee relationship management includes time to hire, turnover and employee satisfaction (O’Leary, 2011). “Managing Performance Through the Manager-employee Relationship” (Amarjit, 1989) focuses on how performance management is implemented and viewed. So instead of trying to improve the effectiveness of the performance of management by changing the system, they focused on the manager-employee communication and aspects of the manager-employee relationship. The article states that performance management in general needed improving (O’Leary, 2011), and was recommended that the most effective way to improve this was if the organisation is characterized by cultural feedback (Amarjit, 1989). It was said by (Fabian, 1971) that managers avoid performance management activities and providing feedback

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