The Importance Of Energy Efficiency Essay

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Energy efficiency is the goal to reduce the amount of energy used to provide products and services. Energy is wasted daily across the country due to insufficient conservation. During the winter, heat escapes through poorly insulated and unsealed doors, windows, and attics. During the summer, sunlight streams into the house, causing air conditioners to work harder and pump more air. Hallway lights and televisions are left on overnight, wasting crucial energy. Each of these inefficiencies, while by themselves are very small, add up and waste our money and resources. Energy efficiency is measured in many different ways. One of these ways is by performing an energy assessment, which is a series of tests on your home to see where it’s strengths and weaknesses are. The first major area to examine is insulation and air sealing. If a home is not properly insulated, or if multiple cracks are not sealed, it could be losing heat or cooling. The second area to look at is space heating and cooling. Space heating and cooling systems include thermostats and ductwork. Another area to look at is water heating. This is a very important part of a home's makeup, since it supplies a home with all of the necessary water to run most household appliances, including showers and dishwashers. The next area to check would be lighting and daylighting systems, like regular light fixtures and energy efficient light fixtures. Windows, doors, and skylights are also other good places to
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