The Importance Of Environmental Pollution In Bangladesh

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Environmental pollution is amajor crisis that we are facing today. Due to the increased urbanization and industrialization surface water pollution has become a crucial problem. It is necessary to obtain precise and appropriate information to monitor the quality of any water resource and to develop a tool to predict and summarize the quality and their usefulness (Mohammadet al.,2010).

Bangladesh covers an area of 147,570 sq. km, a little more than the size of Greece. It extends from 20'34N to 26'38N latitude and from 88'01E to 92'41E longitude. Maximum extension is about 440 km in the E-W direction and 760 km in the NNW-SSE direction. The Indian States of West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura border Bangladesh in the west, north and east respectively. Myanmar forms the southern part of the eastern frontier. The total length of the land border is about 4,246 km, of which 93.9% is shared with India and about 6.1% with Myanmar. The country is bounded in the south by the Bay of Bengal. Although Bangladesh is a small country, the length of the coastline is more than 580 km. The territorial waters of Bangladesh extend 12 nautical miles (22.22 km) and the area of the high SEAS extending to 200 nautical miles (370.40 km) measured from the base lines constitutes the economic zone of the country. Because of the Geography of Bangladesh, the country has a mostly monsoon climate. This means that the country has high rainfall in certain seasons, high temperatures and high humidity.

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