The Importance Of Equal Pay In The Workplace

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Race, gender, and type of work environment will determine if you will receive equal pay. Being a certain race can affect what kind of pay, you will receive while working. According to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, it shows that Asian American and white workers, working year-round and full time had higher annual pay than African American and Hispanic or Latino workers. That shows full proof of how african americans and hispanics receive less pay than white people. Another example I would give is that my sister is certified as nurse and upon beginning her new job, she noticed she was the only certified nurse there, only hispanic one as well, but was receiving less pay than her white peers who aren’t certified as nurses. This is important to know because it shows how bias people are when it comes deciding equal pay in a race. …show more content…

For example a friend of mine who works at a Thai restaurant explained to me that she does everything the men do at her work place from serving, cashier, and even cleaning but doesn’t receive the same amount pay as the men. Rather than her boss acknowledging how hard she is working, her boss remains paying her less than the men, even though she works just as hard. There has been misinformation that women are still paid less than men for the same work, the media has promoted myths that hide the truth about pay differences. An example would be Doug McKelway, a Fox News reporter, used a gender wage gap question from the second 2012 presidential debate to claim that women earning 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn is, "a myth that has endured for years”. This shows how men claim to have equal pay with women, but studies have shown that to be completely false to what most people believe to be true. Equal pay should happen and be believed by everyone, no matter the

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