The Importance Of Equal Rights In America

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While both Colombus day and Native American Day has been declared to be celebrated on the same day, it is ironic due to the cruelty that was subjected on the Native Americans by the white Christians. Having both Columbus day and Native American Day on the same day is an example of America holding onto white supremacy. The white culture throughout history has held themselves above all races. Coming into the United States, Columbus had the dream to expand and conquer, removing all that is in the way of this dream. The Americans believed that this dream included the Native Americans, in that way they believed that they were helping the Indians find a better way of life. While the Native Americans vocalized that they had all culture and individual self-taken away. Native Americans were manipulated through government, Christianity, and culture.
The American dream of equality does not agree with the way the Government denies the rights and privileges of natural rights. Natural rights give each person the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The dream of the Americans brought the Native Americans along, but bringing them along took the Natives life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Over time, the U.S. government has pushed to form an equal society. But, the equal society the U.S is still not unleashed to the full potential. Equal rights are still not present because many citizens of the U.S are raised on old values of America; that the white succeeds overall,
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