The Importance Of Equality In The United States

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Did you know that the African-American Civil Rights Movement lasted from 1954 through 1968 (14 years)? This was not the only battle against racism and not the only time period it was a large topic discussed throughout our nation. Racism in our nation has gone on for a very long time, from long before the Civil Rights Movement to today. Even though it has reduced by an extremely large quantity, it is still something that is present today. Equality is definitely possible in our country, but it’s is very likely that it will never be completely absent either. I believe that equality is very possible in our country. We have come a long way considering that not only African-American people, but many other races, have many rights that they did not have during and before the civil rights movement, such as different bathrooms, different water fountains, different sections on the buses, different schools, etc. In these ways, and more, the civil right movement have dramatically affected living present and future generations. People who have lived through the civil rights movement have had the chance to …show more content…

Despite that change, there is a small amount of inequality, which can lower the percentage of our nation coming to a complete stop on inequality because that small amount is most likely very possesive of that particular topic. This would most likely make it extremely difficult to persuade these people that they are wrong. Therefore, even though I believe that our country has a chance at equality, I also think that it is very unlikely to completely rule out inequality here. Given the fact that we have independent freedom and we have the right to petition, which is included in the forts amendment, means that it can also make persuasion even more difficult because these people have the right to freely speak how they feel regarding this

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