Equality During The Civil War

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Equality is something controversial, is it an ideal? Or is realistic? Never in the history of America has everyone been equal. For centuries African Americans have been beaten, tortured, enslaved, and killed, because they are “different”. We live in a world that it run by white men. Though many strides have been made for the African American community and many other minorities like them, America still has not achieved equality. The real question is, can we ever truly obtained total equality?
After the civil war many believed that a time for equality was on the horizon, but now almost 100 years later we are still striving for that equality. The Civil War freed african americans from enslavement but not from the ideals that were already drilled into many individuals heads. Even today there are racist individuals, though in general it is frowned upon, it is still happening.
The meaning of equality has changed since the Civil War. During the Civil War period equality was the freeing of African slaves today it is much more than that. Today equality is giving everyone equal opportunities for jobs, wages, and life. Equality today is making sure that when an African american walks down the street he/she is not afraid they will be racially profiled by the police, it is women being paid the same as a man for the same job, it is
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Black lives matter is a movement that stand for black rights, they want to reassure that black people will not be racially profiled by the police. Unfortunately this is something that we see in society but some find the name of the movement to be degrading towards others. People who believe in the all lives matter movement believe that “All” lives matter and that the police should be respected (outside source). This controversy is currently tearing our country apart because no middle ground can be
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