The Importance Of Ethics In Criminal Justice

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There are endless reasons why ethics in criminal justice is vitally important. Loyalty plays a huge role in ethics. Loyalty the people, loyalty to the system, and loyalty to oneself are keys to the theoretical construct of truth in being an ethical criminal justice practitioner. In my opinion there is three outstanding reasons that ethics are so important, which include contractible and non-contractible obligations, the primacy of justice, and to maintain institutional integrity.
Reading further into Souryal’s book really showed me a detailed version of some topics that I had an idea of on the surface. It talked about some of the effects of these topic that were both positive and negative but mostly negative. This to me was very helpful because it went to show me just how important some of these issues are for the criminal justice department and how they will be for me once I start my career. When researching the “serviceable” model I found many things to be quite eye-opening. Just to review lightly the serviceable model was a way of working quickly to get the most amount of work done possible as a criminal justice practitioner although it is obvious that the work is much less detailed and precise. This model of ethics in criminal justice is widely applied but the impact is not often explored in my opinion. The book showed me that working in this manor is somewhat effective in the way that it gets what seems to be a lot of work done. However, the negative effects are

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