The Importance Of Executive Orders

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Executive orders have been an influential part of America dating back to George Washington. There are now more than 1300 numbered executive orders since the early 1900s. Not including the ones unnumbered, lost, or not on record (Mott, Ph.D. Jonathan D.). Executive orders influence and affect the executive branch, the Constitution, presidents, and our personal opinion. An executive order is a "presidential directive to a federal government agency or agencies that implement or interpret a federal statute, a congressional provision, or a treaty (Magleby, David B)." Executive orders do not require congressional approval meaning the President does not have to run his order through Congress to get it passed. However, Congress and Federal courts can annul any executive order that surpasses the president's authority. The president expresses his executive authority by signing an executive order that Congress wouldn't pass, which is why it's so controversial. Executive orders are controversial because people believe it provides the executive branch with too much power, which contradicts the Constitution. Many people believe Congress should be able to oversee the procedures and orders the president is signing. Additionally, Checks and Balances and the Separation of Powers doctrine limits the authority of each branch. However, in the Constitution, it says the president can issue an executive order without congressional approval. For the president to issue such orders, it must come

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