The Importance Of Fate In The Angel Of The Odd

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Accepting Destiny or Responsibility Ambrose Bierce, an American Civil War soldier and highly accomplished author, once said “Responsibility, n. A detachable burden easily shifted to the shoulders of God , Fate, Fortune, Luck or one’s neighbor,” (Bierce 118). Often times, leaving one’s life up to fate can provide comfort; however, this behavior can cause a lack of responsibility for one’s own actions. This mindset can lead somebody into a never ending spiral of bad decisions which they blame on something else and never fix. In Edward Allen Poe’s “The Angel of the Odd” the main character experiences a series of horrific events that he assumes are caused by fate and cannot be fixed. The main character was sitting on his chair one evening drinking more alcohol than needed while reading the paper. He came across a section telling the strange story of someone’s death. He proceeded to burst into rage at the gullibility of some people for believing in such an unbelievable story. Suddenly, an “angel” made of alcohol bottles named “The Angel of the Odd” criticized him for not believing in the unlikely and gave him a curse. During the rest of the story, strange events occurred such as him missing his meeting due to a broken clock, his apartment catching fire, him breaking his arm falling off a ladder, his fiance running away from the wedding, his failed suicide, and his accidental leap off of a cliff onto hot air balloon where the angel just so happened to be flying. On this air

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