The Importance Of Food During The Renaissance Era

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Food-related to a class is still important in 2017 because we have many factors that correlate things we do and use to a greater class. Now, food is a very prominent to everyone's level in society because cheap foods like, 50 cent chips, candy bars, and sodas are typically chosen by the ones who can not afford the healthier foods because they're much more expensive. Although, during the renaissance era foods associated with the dirt were for the peasants and lower class and fresh meats were for the rich because the meat was harder to obtain and the veggies and fruits were much easier to get. In the present meats are much cheaper because it is mass produced so everyone can get it much easier. Veggies and Fruits are mass produced but now they are more expensive than unhealthy, processed foods. …show more content…

This study would help this separation be noticed and possibly changed.The impact of the food during the renaissance era was the expression of this idea was shown in the arts of theatre, art, and novels. A fifteenth-century novella by Sabadino degli Arienti relates the mockery played by the Marchese Nicolò III d’Este on his waiter Bondeno, a son of a peasant, who asks to be made a knight. The Marchese refuses his request because Bondeno has not demonstrated the virtù required of a knight, but he promises nonetheless to give his waiter a coat of arms. When the Marchese presents Bondeno with his coat of arms to the knowing laughter of the whole court, Bondeno sees that at its center instead of the noble eagle he had hoped for there is figured a humble head of

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