The American Paradox By Michael Pollan

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In Michael Pollan’s essay, “The American Paradox”, Pollan argues that American’s hold falsified ideas if one is more focused on nutrition. Americans have too much going on in their head with trying to be healthy, that they do not actually become healthy. The notion that “a notably unhealthy population preoccupied with nutrition and the idea of eating healthy” (Pollan 268) is what Pollan defines as the “American paradox”. The amount of time spent focusing on healthy eating habits decreases the joy one contains. Pollan identifies many issues that contribute to what is wrong with the way Americans think about eating today. For instance, we spend too much time and money trying to be healthy, we have strayed away from the past as new inventions occurred and last being we listen to “flawed science”. Despite the fact that many may say they see positive results from focusing on nutrition and health, Americans actually receive negative outcomes from nutrition and health.
Food is one thing that has been around for many years, because people need it in order to survive. Over time it has caused a big change in the way Americans eat contributing to many other factors such as time and money. For instance, my mother has been trying to lose weight for many years, and she has tried many diets seen on television and diets friends have told her about. All the programs she has tried have not worked out for her, well trying these diets she has lost time and money. The amount of money to join

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