The Importance Of Friendship

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Friendship isn’t a subject which you could learn at school, matter of fact, it’s a state of mutual trust and honesty linking two or more parties. In addition, the key factors rely on maintaining assurance and respecting everyone's thoughts, ideas, and personalities, rather than betraying one another in any manner. However, I didn’t quite have a satisfying background when it comes to the topic of friendship. When I was in 6th grade, I thought I had a fairly reliable group of friends whom I could trust and would always be by my side, but that was not the case. One bright, sunny day at Calle Mayor Middle School, I was wearing a blue shirt and black shirts with some converse when I encounter my best friend at the time, Aadhya. Initially, I was about to ask her if she finished her homework, but then Aadhya whispered, “I’m so sorry dude. I didn’t know what to do”. At that point in time, I was confused and before I even asked her what happened, she left and the bell rang so we both went to class, in two completely opposite directions. As I walked to class, I wondered to myself, “Why is she apologizing for no reason? What happened? What did she do?”, and as soon as I entered my classroom, the majority of people turned and gave me this weird stare which was when I knew something was up and Aadhya was related to this situation. Eventually, Bella rushed to my seat and asked, “Khushi, why would you do that? What were you thinking?”, and that’s when I exploded. Not to mention, the
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