Importance Of Friendships In My Life

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“It’s finally the holiday season!” Albert wrote in his journal. The time when everybody comes together. Families reunite, and broken friendships heal. The typical family in my neighborhood comes together on Thanksgiving. Differently, my family doesn't see anybody unless their is a Bar Mitzvah or a funeral. I barely know my own dad. He works on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.He has to be away for months at a time. Sometimes we get to Skype. On those short rare occasions when I see his tired face, he always lectures me about the value of education and how if I don't concentrate on school I'll end up like him. Doing a dirty job, far away from his home and family. I know he wants me to have a better childhood than he did, so he tries to get money for Mom and I. Honestly I would rather see the man who is looking out for me so much. My friends tell me about them playing football with their dad on Thanksgiving; it makes me jealous. For the past five years I have put only one thing down on my holiday wish list; to see my dad. Albert put down his pen and tucked his notebook under his bed. He rushed through the halls of his house until he reached the front door. “Bye Mom! Should I expect to see you when I come home?” I shouted. “No, just let yourself in after school,” she yelled back. Al opened the door and started his trek to school. As Albert sat in his desk waiting for class to start, his friend Joe asked, “So, is your dad coming home for the holidays this year?” Al’s face

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