The Importance Of Gender Codes In Society

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There are many unspoken rules in society, most of which are so deeply ingrained in our culture that they do not even seem odd or restrictive; however, when compared to the way other societies function, we are able to view our societal rules in a more critical way. One aspect of our cultural views that is particularly restrictive is our understanding of gender roles, and how sex and gender are not mutually exclusive.

These roles are continually enforced through media and advertisements, and the subtle cues that both genders are made to follow. Gender codes in advertising and other media have a very real and harmful effect on how we view and interact with individuals. Our perception of others heavily relies on what gender we identify them with. We place people in either ‘male’ or ‘female’ categories, and each category is designated its own list of stereotypical expectations. If an individual fails to properly assimilate to these assigned gender roles, people fail to understand them as they do not align with the traditional view of gender. Non binary or intersex individuals often lack support due the lack of understanding; if an individual assigned to a sex at birth does not identify with the gender roles attached to their sex, society often fails to understand them and give them the support that they need. Sex is the assigned category given to us at birth, based upon biological differences. Gender, however is a more cultural concept that individuals are expected to abide

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