The Importance Of General Education

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College students should not be required to take general education courses because they are a waste of time, can be a waste of money, and they do not pertain to the student’s chosen major. General education courses should not be required for college students, because for many, they are a waste of time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. “Students should not be forced to take classes that cover materials they have already been familiar with at some point in high school” (Pracz). If students have already taken certain classes, such as foreign language, and already met or surpassed the certain college’s admission requirements, students should not have to take or retake foreign language classes as part of the general education curriculum. “As a freshman, students may be taking classes such as ENGL 103 or COMS 100. Yes, both classes may be beneficial to some, but they mostly just rehash concepts and skills that the majority of students already possess or will pick up in other courses throughout their academic careers” (Pracz). By the time people get to college, most of them know how to write essays or speak in front of their class. Overall, general education courses are seen by students as pointless and a waste of time. The attitude towards the general education curriculum is more negative than positive. “Humanities courses are likewise scouted for easy grading and little work (Woo). General education classes are regarded as less important than classes required for

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