Students Being Allowed to Choose Their Own Courses

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Life is a fascinating song, so who will be in charge of the lyrics? Of course you! So does the selection of the course. Students should be allowed to choose their courses to improve their course’s efficiency, gradually become professional in their field and struggle to be independent. First, it can make the course more meaningful and students do benefit from it. Students’ attendance to the classes is no more a disturbing thing, because they should take responsibility for the decisions they have made. On the one hand, they have great passion for the courses they have chosen. As a saying goes, interest is the motivation of for doing anything. When there is an extraordinary interest, there is a strong heart to go through plenty of tough matters. Provided with the proper courses, there is no doubt that the talent of the students will be explored thoroughly. On the other hand, teachers could communicate with the students better instead of watching the students sleeping or going blank. Successful classes not only require teachers’ wonderful speaking or preparations, but also students’ critical thinking which means that they should be the owners of knowledge and take an active part in the classes’ discussions. So it has to be admitted that this will contribute to the effect of the classes.(Choose Their Own Classes) Second, choosing their own courses makes it possible for students to learn deeper and become more professional in their field. Now there is a hot word called general

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