The Importance Of Happiness

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Happiness is a fundamental aspect to life as a human being. It is wholesome and self-sufficient, but for humans to fulfill happiness they require the ability to work/function. While many may argue that the main purpose, and thus function, of the human being is to survive, which grants the body the necessities for life, Aristotle argues that the function of human beings is to act rationally, in which actions accompanied by reason are unique processes innate to humans. The functioning of a human being pertains to a coherent and joyous life in which virtue, three distinct parts of the soul, and character-related virtues allow for humans to work/function appropriately, and thus sustain happiness. Virtue, an attribute that contributes to the joyous functions of the human condition, is an instrumental component to the basis of a properly functioning human being, allowing humans to act rationally. We accumulate virtue by both understanding and participating in activities. For instance, by playing the piano, people become piano players (Aristotle Book 2 26-27). Virtue is essential to rationale. To act rationally and by doing just things, we become rational and just people (Aristotle Book 2 27). When an individual conducts just actions, then they will become good (Aristotle Book 2 32). However, an individual will not become good by simply philosophizing about just actions, rather they must conduct just actions to have a body in good condition (Aristotle Book 2 32). Aristotle

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