The Importance Of Hard Work In The Game Of Basketball

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Kobe Bryant called up his trainer at 4:15 a.m. asking him to come to the gym. They worked out for 75 minutes and had 11 a.m. scrimmage that day (Manfred 2013). Kobe has the best work ethic in the game of basketball. The first time I watched Kobe was 2008 and since then I started playing the game of basketball. I loved and lived for the competitiveness and the feeling of winning a game and it wanted me to work harder to get better every day. Kobe Bryant and the game of basketball had leaded me to the belief that hard work will always lead to success regardless of any circumstances. Kobe was the hardest worker in the NBA, and now he is the greatest of all time. I believe that people who work hard and are determined the whole way will always be successful in life no matter what the circumstances are.
Did you know Michael Jordan didn’t make the high school team when he was a sophomore? Now he is known as one of the greatest players in the game. After MJ got cut from the team, he just started working because he knew he could improve in some way. People who work hard will be able to make them better at any area they want to improve on. I remember when one of my favorite coaches told me, “you will never be good, you will just be better”- Julio Agosto. What he told me really made me follow more into my belief of working hard because it had me thinking about people who pretty much already made it. For example, LeBron James is the greatest NBA player in the league. But, LeBron still

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