The Importance Of Hard Work

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“No human being will work hard at anything unless they believe that they are working for competence.” said William Glasser. Get a job that pays well, get a higher education, be independent and study hard my parents continuously tell me. My family has immersed succeeding in life and going to college into my brain and it is tradition to continue this because it will set an example for my younger siblings and family members since I am the first to attend college but also benefiting my future. My Quality world consist of relationships, experiences, values, and beliefs that I can learn off. The way life is heading right now might feel impenetrable but with hard work and dedication I know I can be an academic transformer. I consider myself an autonomous learner but I am also blessed to be able to lean on my family with anything I feel I cannot overcome, correspondingly they are great supporters and make me the person I am today. My mother is charismatic, outspoken and very strong willed. My mother being strong willed and outspoken helps me have a guidance to how important my future education is as well as my happiness. I have two outstanding friends who motivate me, keep me grounded yet push me to not settle for less and, repeatedly remind me that my hard work pays off. I admire those who are complete opposite of myself and can change me for the better weather it be adventurous and frolicsome or diligent. My quality world is surrounding myself with ambition, honesty, equality,

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