The Importance Of Health Care Practitioners Being Aware Of This Largely Neglected Problem

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What do all those phrases mean? You might find it surprising, but all of those phrases can be translated into a simple, yet powerful phrase in English: help me! Communication is the key to success for our species, whether the mode of communication is English, Spanish, computer coding, sign language, grunts accompanied with pointing or smoke signals. Language is what connects but also disconnects people. It is a tool that can either create and build greatness or act as a barrier to the unification of society. When a difference in language hinders communication between a patient and their health care provider, it jeopardizes the quality of the medical care that a patient receives and in some cases prevents the patient from receiving care at all. It is imperative that this problem be addressed. Every human being has the right to quality health care no matter how they utter. This paper is focused on the importance of health care practitioners being aware of this largely neglected problem. One solution may be in the way providers are trained and the value of language diversity in society. The incentive to alleviate this inequality needs to be nationally recognized in order to develop solutions to this critical problem.
According to the 2011 Census report written by Camille Ryan, 20.8 percent of the United States population speak a language other than English at home. There are 39 languages and language groups in this country, which are made of 381 detailed languages. These are…
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