The Importance Of How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading

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Many students, past students, parents, and teachers have developed the idea that children should be forced to read several books over the course of their education. By forcing children to read, dissect, and understand every aspect of the words that they are viewing, educators expect them to become intelligent and well-read. Conventionally, this has been a valued idea among many, but recently, there are many who believe that this is not the most effective approach to modern education. There are many educators who no longer force kids to read books against their will, no longer force children to read aloud in class, and no longer force children to speak publicly of what they’ve learned. Many teachers even believe that they should no longer test students harshly on what they’ve learned because this can cause stress and dislike for learning. Found within John Holt’s article, How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading, there is much evidence that this unorthodox approach is effective in teaching children and making them want to learn. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, a student is forced to read several books that they may despise. They are then forced to write an essay, create a presentation, take an exam, or participate in another form of examination to prove that they read and understood the entirety of the book. When a student is forced to do anything, they are less likely to enjoy it, and this can lead to higher failure rates among schools. While students

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