Essay on Malcolm X: From Illiterate to Erudite

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The more effort we use in studying the better results we will get. Certain people have a hard time comprehending school work from the first grade to throughout high school. For example, in the article “Saved,” the life of Malcolm X, the reader is told about Malcolm’s struggle with learning .One problem he had was he couldn’t write or read his own hand writing. The way he began to overcome his handicap was that he would copy and memorize words from the dictionary. When he entered prison he was illiterate. He could neither read nor write. Later on, to help his reading comprehension, he would spend time in the prison library. Spending an hour every day in the library helped to increase his comprehension.
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That’s exactly what he did with every page of the dictionary. He would draw a picture of an animal that belonged with a particular word just so he could remember. Later, he would fold the pages down to be able to return to the place he was studying.
We all know many kids who do not like to read from elementary to college. In the early school years, there was always an instructor or, a parent to always guiding us. Or they would say it’s time for silent reading or even force us to read. This always worked for the best because kids to today love to tell stories to friends and families. Malcolm X went to the Norfolk colony’s prison, library everyday where he would stay for at an hour. He felt like he was in heaven just from seeing all the different books. He would be concentrating so hard on the books, which he would stay up past the normal time to go to sleep. Sometimes when it would be lights out he would try to read in the dark just because the book was just starting to get interesting.
Last but not least, when a student is reading, he or she will lose his or her train of thought if the teacher interrupts to ask a question. The students forget what they just read and want to quit because they feel like they won’t get the gist of the story. Children are required to read at home whether it is a reading assignment from the teacher or a nice bedtime story

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