The Importance Of Human Life

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Imagine living in a world where everybody is exactly the same. Everyone chooses to work the same jobs, everyone decides to eats the same foods, everyone enjoys the same hobbies and nothing is unique. Hard to imagine right? That's because what makes a human unique is how they choose to live their life and handle different situations. Realistically, everyone alive is going to live a unique life, this includes the types of interaction they have with others, troubles they might go through, or even the positive events that take place in the journey of life. By human nature, every single person is going to react significantly different when any event takes place in their lives, that is what makes us human and why the world has so many different cultures and communities. Whether it be a positive or a negative event in a human's life, each individual chooses how they handle it differently. As a not so serious example, Person A and B could both go out for lunch to a local hotdog stand. If they both ended up dropping their food person A might be a more optimistic person and accept that sometimes negative things happen, however person B could choose to make a big deal out of it and complain that nothing is going good in their lives simply because they dropped something as insignificant as a hotdog. This could be taken to a higher level by comparing how people choose to let their childhoods affect their futures. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but that doesn’t

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