The Full Scope Of Human Life

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Humans are an interesting species because of the strong need humans have to fully understand what it truly means to be human. Many fields such as history, psychology, and sociology all offer a perspective in the study of humanity, but there are distinguishable from anthropology. Anthropology differs from other humanities fields due to its holistic nature, comparative research methods, and the strong emphasis on fieldwork and participant interaction. Anthropology is the study of people throughout the world, their evolutionary history, how they behave, adapt to different environments, communicate and socialize with one another. In order for anthropologists to examine the full scope of human life, they employ the four field approach that embodies the holistic nature of the field.
The four subfields of anthropology are physical anthropology, archeology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Physical anthropology examines the evolution of humans and their variability, and adaptations to their environment due to natural selection. Archeology is the historical examination of human life through remnants or artifacts of human past. These artifacts can be used to reconstruct human behavior before written records or to explore the more recent past of humans. Linguistic anthropology studies how language influences social life in the past and present. Cultural anthropology is the branch of anthropology that focuses on the cultural variations among humans and their
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