The Importance Of Identity Abrasion

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Identity abrasion occurs when an individual believes that others perceive their unique race, gender, religion, or values system as a weakness. I will discuss my own experience with identity abrasion as a Jewish woman, analyze how understanding identity abrasion will help me react to identity abrasions, and evaluate how I can identify a safe and open work environment that supports individual thoughts and differences.
As a Jewish Woman, I experienced an identity abrasion that stemmed from self-doubt, which “Rethinking Political Correctness” defines as a reluctance to acknowledge an individual difference (Ely, Meyerson, & Davidson, 2006). My sophomore year of college, one of my professors scheduled a test on Yom Kippur, which is the most important Jewish holiday. The
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Essentials of Organizational Behavior states that surface level differences within a team may create faultlines, or divisions based on these differences (Robbins & Judge, 2016). I can prevent my team from succumbing to faultlines by acknowledging our differences and identifying how our differences will compliment each other to increase our productivity. When others believe that I am treating them unjustly, I will evaluate my words and actions instead of defending my moral intentions. By gauging myself, I may discover a potential bias.
I will also suspend judgment when I feel my identity is being threatened. “Rethinking Political Correctness” describes how we naturally become defensive of our identities (Ely et al., 2006). Others often interpret this defensiveness as an accusation; however, others rarely seek to attack our identities. Therefore, when I feel that my identity is being attacked, I will take a moment to recognize that nobody is purposefully trying to hurt me. Once emotion is set aside, it becomes easier to understand how the situation
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